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What´s included?


Easy to use

The user friendly design and intuitive approach to billing in epicraft Invoice helps you to spend less time billing and gives you with more time to do what you love.

Is´s ideal if you want to easily manage, create and send professionally looking invoices. Excellent when you have a service or product to sell.

Looks beautiful, does the job fast and just works!

Work from anywhere

epicraft Invoice is installed on your personal computer and this enables you to do your billing at home, at the office, or anywhere else without the need for an active Internet connection.

As all data from epicraft Invoice is stored on your personal computer only you have access to it.

Take the step today to experience the power of complete mobility and personal integrity by gaining control of your own data.


Follow up sales

With our built in sales reports you can analyse how this month’s sales compared to last month and whether you are on target with your goals.

And at a glance you can also view how your company is performing per day or week, during any given period.

In addition, you can track your best selling items and top customers as well - thanks to the built in sales reports.

And there´s a lot more features

Business logo

Add a graphical business logo or create your own logo for your invoices, and ajust it´s position.



Save invoices, reports, reminders and most anything else in epicraft Invoice as a PDF-file.



Send invoices, reports and reminders by e-mail directly from epicraft Invoice with your favorite e-mail client.


Items and customers

Allows you yo easily maintain a directory with all your customers and items (anything you sell).


Long text on invoices

You can add a long text to your invoices, either per invoice, default for all invoices or customer specific.


With or without tax

epicraft Invoice enables you to display prices with or without tax (VAT, Sales Tax, GST) included, throughout the product.


Multiple currencies

You can handle multiple currenncies in epicraft Invoice, just select your currency and start billing.

Cash receipts

Create and print cash-recipts, just as easy as creating invoices.


Discount %

Easy to add a discount for each customer or directly on the invoice.


Manage payments

List all unpaid invoices and mark them as paid as your customers pay their invoices.


Payment reminders

Enables you to track overdue payments and send payment reminders to customers.


Handles tax names automatically

Tax name (VAT, Sales Tax or GST) used is detected automatically using your Windows settings.

Just add tax rates, and your good to go.


Invoice copies

You can set up the number of invoice copies to be printed with each invoice.


Automatic backup

Never worry about backup again.
We automatically take a backup each time you exit the program.

Multiple business support

Designed to handle multiple businesses, add as many as you like, no additional costs.


Use on up to two PC´s

With one license you can install epicraft Invoice on up to two of your PC´s.

Perfect for working at home and at the office.


Simplify bookkeeping

epicraft Invoice keeps track of invoice events and translates them into a report to simplify your bookkeeping.

Print and enjoy.


Any invoice title

Add multiple invoice titles and print order confirmations, shipping lists etc.
Anything you can imagine.



Save time by setting-up preferred values when working, such as payment terms, invoice free text, our reference, invoice title and many more...

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