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How do i add a discount for a customer or invoice?

This help article applies to version 4.1 or later of epicraft Invoice

This help article describes how you enable the discount feature and also how to apply a discount on a customer or directly on an invoice.

Enable discount feature

You enable this feature from the menu option Tools->Options, User Interface, select the
Enable discount check box.

Some features have to be enabled to make them visible in the user interface. Explore features available to you through the menu options Program Settings or Options, under Tools in the main menu.

  How to enable the discount feature

How to enable the discount feature

  1. Select the menu option Tools->Options, then select User Interface.

  2. Select the Enable discount check box, click Save.

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  3. By enabling this feature you are now able to specify customer or an invoice specific discount.

Customer discount

Enter the percentage in the Discount text box on the customer window. You can then elect to use this percentage when applying a dicscount on invoices for this customer.

  How to add a customer discount

How to add a customer discount

  1. Open a customer or create a new one from the main menu.

  2. Enter the discount percentage in the Discount text box and then click Save
    to apply the changes.

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  3. You can elect to apply this discount when you create new invoices for this customer.

Apply discount to invoice

After selecting a customer its discount percentage is shown in the Discount text box.
To add a invoice specific discount please enter your own discount percentage.

  How to apply discount to the invoice

How to apply discount to the invoice

  1. Create a new invoice through the menu option File->New->Invoice.

  2. Enter the customer name in the topmost address text box and select it from the drop-down list. (If it´s a new customer you will be asked to create it later)

  3. If the customer has a discount it is now visible in the discount text box.

    If not, you can enter a discount percentage for this invoice only.

  4. Add the rows you want the discount to be applied for.

  5. Add a discount row by using the Discount button. The discount is calculated and deducted from the invoice.

  6. If you change any of the rows affected by the discount you need to re-apply the
    discount manually by clicking the Discount button.

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