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How do I print a credit invoice?

This help article applies to version 4.1 and later of epicraft Invoice

You can create credit invoices in epicraft Invoice by using the Credit Invoice button on an invoice.

What´s a credit invoice?

A credit invoice is a negative invoice (credit) created to match the sums of one of your regular invoices (debit).
It is usually created to reemburse a customer or to "delete" an invoice without creating a gap in the invoice number series.

How to create a credit invoice

  1. Find the invoice you want to create an credit invoice from using the menu option
  2. Enter name of the customer the invoice was issued to and click Search.

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  3. Select the invoice and click the Open button (or double click the invoice).

  4. Click on the Credit Invoice button.

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  5. Your invoice has been credited and a new credit invoice has been created.

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Three facts about credit invoices

  1. Credit invoices are shown as bookeeping events that are part of the Bookeping Report used to simplify your bookkeeping.
  2. Find credit invoices using the search feature (Tools->Search->Invoice), enter the invoice title
    Credit Invoice.
  3. You can also credit part of an invoice by changing the credit invoice to match the credit sum you agreed upon with the customer.

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