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Help | Create your first invoice

This help article applies to version 4.2 of epicraft Invoice

This help article will guide you through the steps needed to create your first invoice.

Add your business information

  1. Select the menu option Tools->Options, Invoice Footer

    Enter your business and payment details to be shown in the invoice footer.
    To see an example, click the button Show example.

  2. Select the tab Invoice Logotype

    Add your graphical business logotype or write your business name in text.

  3. Click Save to apply changes.

Create new customer

  1. Select the menu option File->New->Customer.

  2. Enter details for the customer reciving the invoice, click Save to create the customer

Create new invoice

  1. Select the menu option File->New->Invoice.

  2. Enter the name of the customer created in the previous step in the text box of the Address section. Select the customer from the list by clicking on it.

  3. Add the invoice rows.
    Select an item added earlier from the drop-down list or enter your own row text.

  4. Click Save to create the invoice.

  5. Click Print to preview the invoice and display print options.

  6. Choose whether to print the invoice, save it as PDF or send by e-mail by clicking one of the icons.


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