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This help article applies to version 4.2 of epicraft Invoice

A customer in epicraft Invoice is any individual or organization you do business with, you can maintain details and settings of your customers within epicraft Invoice.

How to create a new customer

  1. From the main menu, select File->New->Customer.

  2. Enter customer details and click Save to create the customer.

If you need to create multiple customers, select the Create in sequence check box to speed up the process.

How to open a customer

  1. From the main menu, select File->Open->Customer.

  2. The 10 latest customer are shown by default.

    To find a specific customer, enter the customer name and click Search.

    To show all customers, click Show All.

  3. Select a customer from the result pane and click Open to open it.

    You can also double click to open it.

  Fields and buttons in the customer window

Explanations, descriptions and the inner workings for every part of the customer window.

  • Billing address

    The customer billing address used on invoices.

  • Contact details

    Contact details include the customer phone number and e-mail address that is used to send the invoice by e-mail.

  • Customer no

    The customer number is automatically maintained and starts at 1 by default, to start from a higher number you can read here on how to do that.

  • Create in sequence

    If you need to create several items you can speed up the process by selecting the
    Create in sequence check box.

  • Buttons and fields disabled by default

    Some buttons and fields only become visible after enabling a certain feature.
    You enable features from the menu option Tools->Options, User Interface.

    • Discount text box

      Visible after enabling the Discount feature.

      A text field where you enter the customer discount in percent.
      The discount percentage is used when adding a discount row to an invoice issued to the customer.


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